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Light Modulation®
The power of light, cubed.


LM® Low-level Light Therapy is a unique, light-based photobiomodulation technology. We developed and patented for medical use the technology originally employed by NASA (i.e., Low-level Laser Therapy) to treat wounds of astronauts in space.

LM® LLLT has nothing to do with Red Light Therapy (RLT), which only acts on the surface of the dermis—instead, LM® LLLT works at biological level, generating endogenous heat through powerful LEDs stimulating ATP production in cells.

Discover the Science behind LM® LLLT
Discover the Science behind LM® LLLT

No pain,
Extreme gains.

Photobiomodulation therapy with LM® LLLT is a unique and completely painless form of near-infrared light therapy (NILT), highly effective for treating a broad spectrum of conditions.

Various wavelengths—red, blue, yellow and infrared*—are available to treat diverse medical needs for both anterior segment conditions (DED, Chalazion etc) and posterior segment conditions (dAMD and CSC) as well as for dermatologic and trichologic concerns.

Maximum convenience,<br>exceptional value.

Maximum convenience,
exceptional value.

The degree of simplicity offered by LM® LLLT technology to the operator, and the convenience hence provided to the patient benefitting from its therapy is, put simply, unmatched. This, paired with LM® LLLT exceptional efficacy in addressing a broad spectrum of anterior and posterior segment conditions, along with dermatologic and trichologic concerns, makes it a true game-changer.

Science told us.<br>It just works.

Science told us.
It just works.

LM® LLLT has recently been studied in a piece of research that compared it directly against IPL. The study has confirmed the efficacy of LM® LLLT, proving also its superior performance against traditional IPL technologies.

Another recent scientific paper has confirmed that LM® LLLT, employed jointly with OPE® IPL, is the key factor in effectively managing the most severe cases of recalcitrant MGD-induced DED and other ocular surface diseases.

Beyond treatments, elevating refractive surgery routines.

Beyond treatments, elevating refractive surgery routines.

LM® LLLT’s potential doesn’t end with direct treatment of most ocular surface diseases. Literature tells us that unresolved ocular surface disease (OSD) represents a major risk factor for suboptimal outcomes in refractive surgery (Labetoulle M. Et Al, 2019). That’s why the Espansione Ecosystem, above all through LM® LLLT, is the best option to elevate your surgery routine.

A technology<br>Like no other.

A technology
Like no other.

Operators and patients can enjoy the unique benefits of LM® LLLT technology.

① It’s fast
② It’s painless
③ It grants immediate relief
④ It’s easy and safe
⑤ It’s plug&play
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