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Actionable, versatile, modular screening.


We believe screening for MGD and other ocular surface conditions shouldn’t be hard nor expensive, for both operators and patients alike. That’s why we invested heavily in building a diagnosis+screening device that could tackle this challenge easily, quickly and effectively for all—introducing me-check®.


Developed with practitioners, for practitioners.

me-check® is the ultimate solution for screening and diagnosing MGD/DED, Demodex and other ocular surface conditions. It’s the only device certified (CE CLASS II A) for use also in optic centers.
We developed me-check® in cooperation with Dr. Heiko Pult and Prof. James Wolffsohn. It features the Meiboscale developed by Dr. Heiko Pult, alongside the OSDI-6 test developed with Prof. James Wolffsohn.
This means me-check® software was built from scratch through complex mathematical algorithms, yet packaged with an fresh, operator-oriented UI to provide specialists with the simplest, most effective screening—actionable in under 5 minutes.


① Eye Test

Both eyes are tested—e.g., through a 2D/3D Meibography for MGD/DED. The average eye test is conducted within 5’, start to finish, with no harm nor discomfort for the patient. The result is repeatable and consistent, and a wide variety of tests are available (i.e., Demodex, OSE, OSDI-6, Interferometry, Blink Quality).

② OSDI-6

The OSDI-6 questionnaire is conducted to complete the results of the eye test. The questionnaire is conducted by the practitioner, requires no more than 5’ and the results are input straight into me-check® OS.

③ Diagnosis

The me-check® OS provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s conditions leveraging Dr. Pult’s scale for MGD/DED.

④ Treatment

If possible, diagnosis is seamlessly loaded straight into any Espansione solution—e.g., eye-light® , meibomask®, for treatment. If the me-check® workflow is brought forward without the possibility of an immediate treatment, the diagnosis is sent over directly from the software via email to whoever will treat the patient.

David P. Pinero Llorens, Associate Professor of the Department of Optics, Pharmacology and Anatomy at University of Alicante, Spain, shares his experience with our me-check® screening system.


The simplest, fastest device, made for any eye care operator.

Available tests

  • 2D Meibography
  • OSDI-6 Test

Key benefits

  • ① Quick (3’)
    > rapid patient turnover
  • ② Intuitive
    > no training needed
  • ③ Objective
    > repeatable+consistent measurement

The most complete solution, designed for eye care professionals.

Available tests

  • 3D Meibography
  • 12-level Meibography
  • Five-zone Evaluation of Glands
  • OSDI-6 Test
  • Demodex Screening

Key benefits

  • ① Quick (5’)
    > rapid patient turnover
  • ② Intuitive
    > no training needed
  • ③ Objective
    > repeatable+consistent measurement
  • ④ Upgradeable
    > always up to date
  • ⑤ Automatic
    > no input needed
  • ⑥ Comprehensive Reporting
    > all analyses in one place
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