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A New Paradigm
in Ophthalmology
and Beyond

—Why we're here

Helping people, through science.
That’s the privilege we take pride in.

We have the ambition to establish new paradigms in ophthalmology and beyond, driven by our desire to provide our partners and their patients with the best, certified medical technologies.

Espansione Group delivers the highest standard in the industry—pushed on by expert craftsmanship and hi-tech capabilities coupled with a global mindset and aspiration. Every day, we invest heavily in researching and developing our Ecosystem of technologies and solutions to achieve our ambition.


Our technologies are at the very core of the Espansione Ecosystem—they leverage the power of light and its outstanding ability to benefit the human condition.
Our technologies are seamlessly built into all our solutions, from diagnosis to treatment. We design, craft and test with the greatest attention and care in Italy.


Ecosystem is the term we use to describe the synergy between our technologies and the solutions that leverage on them. Every interaction within the Espansione Ecosystem has been designed to provide both patients’ and operators’ with the best experience possible.

① Integration

Our technologies and solutions are seamlessly integrated for operators and patients to benefit from their unique capabilities. We developed our solutions’ software and hardware from scratch to work together as one—from diagnosis to treatment, every step is as easy as it gets.

② Simplicity

We put great effort and energy in building hussle-free solutions. From how we craft our devices and terminals, to the materials we chose, all the way to the design of our solutions’ software. Everything has been done to maximize simplicity in utilization.

③ Effectiveness

It’s not only about making it simple and easy, though. Our technologies just work. Indeed, the resonance of Espansione technology has been impressive with the scientific community—every day, thought leaders from all over the world leverage the possibilities of the Espansione Ecosystem in their practices.

④ Consistency

Our technologies and solutions are consistently reliable in their ability to deliver. In the words of one of our global key opinion leaders in ophthalmology, when asked about what made the Espansione Ecosystem great, he answered “It works, every single time.” Consistency is a promise we make our partners and patients—one that we love to live up to.

—Where we're going

Our ambition isn’t limited to that of becoming the undisputed thought leader in diagnosing and treating ocular surface conditions.

Beyond that, we aim at leveraging our know-how and apply it synergically in other fields beyond ophthalmology.

We have already delivered great degrees of innovation to the fields of ophthalmology and dermatology through our patented technology Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy and its seamless integration in the Espansione Ecosystem of solutions.

LM® LLLT has set a new medical standard in painlessly and effectively treating the majority of ocular surface conditions, on top of being extremely effective in its dermatology applications.

Get Started Now
Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from the Espansione Ecosystem of Technologies and Solutions.

We take pride in having built great partnerships throughout the years with some of the greatest players in the healthcare industry.

—Our Resonance

Our scientific discoveries and our entrepreneurial successes have been featured in the best outlets worldwide.

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