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31 | 10 | 2023


October 31st 2023 - Bologna, Italy

Espansione Group, a pioneer in the medtech industry and an advocate for science-driven innovation, proudly shares the results of a recently published double-blinded, randomized and controlled investigation focusing on the prevention of surgery-induced dry eye in cataract patients.

The study, rooted in Espansione's relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and product innovation, opens-up limitless possibilities for the employment of the compay’s patented technology LM® LLLT with eye-light®.

Signs and symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) are highly prevalent in the postoperative course of patients undergoing cataract surgery, significantly impairing patients’ satisfaction with surgery and quality of life and vision. Although optimising ocular surface before cataract surgery in patients with pre-existing DED is an established strategy to achieve the desired postoperative outcomes, less is known about the prophylactic treatment of healthy patients.

In this randomised controlled trial, two sessions of low-level light therapy performed 1 week before and after cataract surgery were effective in ameliorating tear film stability and ocular discomfort symptoms.

“Low-level light therapy is a groundbreaking technology able to cure different eye diseases by acting at the root of the cellular dysregulation,” noted Prof. Giuseppe Giannaccare (Formerly Prof. @ University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, where the study has been conducted—now Full Prof. @ University of Cagliari), the lead investigator for this study. “Prophylactic treatment using low-level light therapy could be easily incorporated in the workflow of otherwise healthy patients undergoing senile cataract surgery in order to avoid iatrogenic DED.

In the double-blinded study, 73 patients underwent LM® LLLT treatment, while 80 underwent sham treatment via custom-made sham LM® LLLT masks (i.e., minimal energy fluence).

Patients treated with LLLT had significantly lower OSDI scores compared with controls at T1 and T2 (respectively, 7.2±8.8 vs 14.8±13.0 and 9.0±9.0 vs 18.2±17.9; both p<0.001), higher NIBUT values at T2 (12.5±6.6 vs 9.0±7.8; p=0.007) and lower MGL Meiboscore values at T1 (1.59±0.70 vs 1.26±0.69; p=0.008). Unlike controls, patients postoperative decline of ocular surface parameters and the consequent occurrence of iatrogenic DED treated with LLLT had significantly lower OSDI scores and higher NIBUT values at T2 compared with T0 (respectively, 9.0±9.0 vs 21.2±16.1; p<0.001 and 12.5±6.6 vs 9.7±7.2; p=0.007).

"This study represents a trailblazing initiative to substantially enhance surgical procedures. Whether we’re talking of traditional cataracts, premium IOLs or refractive, we’re certain LM® LLLT can play a significant role in elevating any surgery. We eagerly anticipate the innovative research this study will inspire among scholars globally.” noted Matteo Corbellino, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer at Espansione Group. “These findings are not only indicative of eye-light® and LM® LLLT’s efficacy, but also a testament to Espansione's commitment to redefine patient care in ophthalmology”.

Download the Full Paper on Our Bibliography or Access The British Journal of Ophthalmology


Espansione Group is an established player in the medtech industry. Espansione Group strives to deliver the highest standard in the industry. Every day, the company invests heavily in researching and developing the Espansione Ecosystem to achieve its ambition: establishing new paradigms in ophthalmology and beyond, driven by its desire to provide its partners and their patients with the best, certified medical technologies, Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) and Optimal Power Energy® Intense Pulsed Light (OPE® IPL). Present in over 50 countries, Espansione Group's aims to continue its strong growth in years to come, relentlessly focusing its efforts on research, development, and customer excellence.

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