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Stye or hordeolum is a common type of infection of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid that results in a lump. The stye can be distinguished from a chalazion, which tends to imply less inflammatory response and follows a more chronic course. Staphylococcus bacteria is responsible for most of these infections. When a Meibomian gland becomes acutely infected, it produces an internal hordeolum while an external hordeolum represents a localized formation of follicle abscesses.

After one or two days the external stye shows on the lid margin. generally a small boil is visible close to the lash root, surrounded by hyperemia, swelling and oedema.In two to four days the lesion fistulates with secretions.

Suggested Protocol

High thermal impact and therefore IPL is not to be used. The treatment consist of an application with the standard supply red light mask. Red light stimulates ATP by increasing and improving cellular activity, it reduces inflammation and oedema and works on meibomian glands.


Single usage
Joint usage
Pathology Technology Suggested Protocol
> No. Treatments > Frequency (Days Apart)
Pathology> Stye Technology OPE® IPL + LM® LLLT
Suggested Protocol > No. Treatments 2 to 4 > Frequency (Days Apart) 4 to 7
Not all treatments can be applied in all countries.

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