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24 | 02 | 2023

Announcing Exclusive Partnership with Topcon Healthcare Great Britain & Ireland


Bologna, Italy / London, Great Britain — February 24th 2023

Espansione Group and Topcon Healthcare Great Britain & Ireland (referred to as “Topcon” in this document for brevity’s sake) announce today a long-term exclusive partnership for the United Kingdom and Ireland markets.    

Starting April 1, 2023, Topcon will be the official and sole distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland for Espansione Group’s full portfolio of current solutions and future innovations. Espansione Group is an established player in the medtech industry focusing on ophthalmic and dermatological solutions to treat a number of conditions via patented, certified, and light-based technologies such as Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT), its signature photobiomodulation technology, and Optimal Power Energy® Intense Pulsed Light (OPE® IPL).    

“The two companies who have been working together for the last 5 years see this exclusive arrangement as a positive step forward in the development on the UK and Irish markets, above all with respect to Low-level Light Therapy (i.e., LLLT),” said Andrew Yorke, Managing Director at Topcon. “It’s a very exciting time for this product focus area with several new and innovative developments planned in the coming months. We see in Espansione Group’s treatment and diagonostic solutions a complimentary fit with Topcon’s offering, and a great potential to elevate our client’s value proposition and patient satisfaction—we are delighted to be representing Espansione Group, exclusively.”    

“We are extremely excited for this step-up in our mutual commitment,” commented Alessandro Fier, Chief Executive Officer at Espansione Group. “Topcon Healthcare Great Britain & Ireland is established as a leading player that strives to deliver best-in-class solutions to its customer base. We’re thrilled to work as one team with such a committed and engaged organization. We truly see in Topcon the perfect partner to deliver on our ambition to drive ophthalmology forward with our current solutions and future innovations.”

Professionals are encouraged to contact Topcon to obtain details on the portfolio of solutions in light therapy and digital imaging showcased with this partnership, including eye-light® , mgd-mask® (meibomask®), my-mask® and me-check®.


Topcon Healthcare sees eye health differently. Our vision is to empower providers with smart and efficient technologies for enhanced patient care. Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, we offer the latest integrated solutions including  advanced multi-modal imaging, vendor-neutral data management, safe distancing, and ground- breaking remote diagnostic technology.    A globally-oriented business, Topcon is focused on developing solutions towards solving societal challenges in the mega-domains of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. In healthcare, these challenges include increasing eye disease, rising medical costs, access to healthcare and physician shortages. By investing in value-driven innovations, Topcon works to enable people to enjoy good health and a high quality of life.   

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Espansione Group is an established player in the medtech industry. Since 1981, Espansione Group has delivered the highest standard in the industry. Every day, the company invests heavily in researching and developing the Espansione Ecosystem to achieve its ambition: establishing new paradigms in ophthalmology and beyond, driven by its desire to provide its partners and their patients with the best, certified medical technologies, Light Modulation® Low-level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) and Optimal Power Energy® Intense Pulsed Light (OPE® IPL). Present in over 50 countries, Espansione Group's aims to continue its strong growth in years to come, relentlessly focusing its efforts on research, development, and customer excellence.    

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Topcon Healthcare Great Britain & Ireland 
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Posted on February 24th, 2023 in Newsroom


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