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YOUNG AGAIN® is the only Patented technology in which the benefits of high pressure light and heat are exploited at 100%.

Working at a minimal distance (5-10 mm), tissues receive all the energy emitted without any dispersion.

YOUNG AGAIN® For years the beneficial effects of photobiostimulation and photoeudermia have been widely recognized and accepted in medicine and surgery with countless applications. In the world, YOUNG AGAIN® is a unique, Patented technology of photobiostimulation and photoeudermia, that means a strong metabolic enhancer and vehicle of some molecules through the dermo-epidermic layer.



  • Ephasis of keratinocytes activity (stimulation of the skin turnover) = anti-aging effect (Red Light) Bacteriostatic effect (Blue Light)
  • Improvment of the healing and repair of the skin (Red Light)
  • Control of the sebaceous glands secretion (Blue Light)
  • Bacteriostatic effect (Blue Light)



  • The light recharges the ATP and triggers a chemical reaction of skin and hair cells
  • The receptivity of cells to smeceutical products is imporoved and eccelerated
  • The cell's engine is more powerful
  • The light stimulates the enhancement of cellular activity and emphasizes the penetration of active ingredientes in the dermo-cosmetic layer.




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